• A family member requested Cheryl to be their case manager, she had a lasting impact on the family for them to have kept her phone number for 2 years after their loved one had expired and to realize that she could help them again. SS (co-worker)
  • Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you (Cheryl) as my healthcare advocate. You have worked miracles, in my opinion, regarding my insurance coverage. In addition to your sage advice and calm demeanor regarding my healthcare, I just enjoy talking with you. I am keeping a positive attitude and your care and support help me to do just that. JR (patient)
  • I know you are just doing your job, but what you have done for us is truly a blessing and we are so very grateful for your efforts. You have not only made our Christmas, you have made our whole year and then some. AH (patient)
  • I wanted to let you know what a blessing you are to my family. Your help with my father’s insurance, and now my mother’s has been invaluable. When she talks to you she feels more confident. Your efficiency and caring make all the difference. I am grateful to you for caring for them as you might your own parents. CV (patient’s daughter)
  • I am writing to commend the excellent advocacy skills that Cheryl brought to bear to facilitate care for one of my patients. In a passionate and determined way, Cheryl was able to facilitate getting the proper supports in place for wound care, dressing supplies and negotiating to get the chemotherapy covered. She is responsive, has good insight into the needs of patients and knows how to deal with complex insurance issues. She is a tremendous asset. KD (Oncology social worker, University Hospitals Health System, Cleveland)
  • You are certainly considered among our friends who will remembered with thanks, and with respect and admiration from one colleague to another. I hope you will be reminded how much we appreciate and will remember for a very long time how you went to bat, to the very edge and over for my sister. She died surrounded by people who loved and people she loved. She had a “better” death I know because of a dedicated case manager who cared for her well being. In today’s health care environment you are a gem I feel we as a family were blessed by your care. BM (patient’s sister and oncology RN)