Care Management Services Offered   

  • Needs Assessment (Limited):

A complete in-home assessment is done with the client and/or family to evaluate the current health status, future plans, both actual and anticipated, home safety and a medication review is also performed. At this same time, education is provided regarding health conditions, community resources, along with short and long term recommendations to manage and address each client’s needs. Education regarding potential funding options for care is also addressed.

  • Ongoing Care Management:

An in-home needs assessment is done to identify the current health status, potential care needs, and recommendations are then made for the client in collaboration with their requests. These may include how to best access community resources, or locate other experts such as Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES), financial planners, elder law attorneys, asset managers etc., in order to meet the clients’ needs. Ongoing follow-up is done for home visits, attendance at physician appointments, communication with other health care providers depending on the needs and requests of each client. Additional services may include negotiation of healthcare costs, insurance documentation review, evaluation of care being provided as well as ongoing assessment for any further needs.

  • Special Services:

This may entail only limited involvement, such as negotiation of fees, performing on-site visits in facilities (assisted living, retirement, SNF) to assist with placement in a specific facility, general health insurance education and benefit reviews (note: specific carriers or policies will not be recommended). General consultation services and educational programs are offered based on requests.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching:

Education is provided related to health issues, lifestyle assessment with recommendations for modifications in order for each client to maintain their optimal health status.

  • Community Education

We provide a multitude of presentations on health topics primarily to the general public.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for nursing are available on request.